Dear Indivisible Berkeley Community,

We are not safe at school. Congress must take meaningful action.

In the wake of the Parkland tragedy, we don't need a script to remind us to listen to victims and we don't need ludicrous ideas about arming all teachers or even more "adept" ones — you know, the ones who can (or can't) sink a four foot putt. Here's a reality check on what we can do to curtail rampant gun violence now.

Close the Bump Stock Loophole

March Marches for Gun Control!
A Guide to the Upcoming Gun Control Marches

March for Our Lives San Francisco Saturday 3/24, 1 p.m.
Note: If you are interested in the registration / canvassing action at the march, join the Elections email list

Enough! National School Walkouts March 14 and April 20
Note: Protests may be limited to students on school grounds only

Boycott NRA! | Several major companies — Enterprise Holdings, First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec, Hertz and Avis — have ended co-branding partnerships with the National Rifle Association. Who's next? See an updated list of companies who are in or out here.


Protect the Americans With Disabilities Act | House Resolution 620, the misleadingly named “ADA Education and Reform Act,” passed the House on February 15. This cruel act would make it much harder for people with disabilities to sue to remove barriers to access in public places, and would remove incentives to comply with the ADA. By shifting the responsibility of ADA compliance from businesses to people with disabilities, the bill would destroy a key element of the ADA. We can still fight it in the Senate. Action? Call your Senators to say: "I'm calling to urge the Senator to oppose HR 620, the ADA Education and Reform Act. Please don't place additional barriers in the path of people with disabilities!"

ICE Rapid Response Hotline | Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says, "Prepare, don't panic" about possible ICE operations that are rumored to occur in the next couple of days. If you see ICE enforcement activity in Alameda County, please call the ICE Rapid Response Hotline at (510) 241-4011. This is a 24-hour hotline staffed by community organizations that can provide immediate support and legal assistance. Save the number in your phone now! Please only call this number to report ICE activity in progress.

DACA Lives On
| Now that the Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal of the DACA ruling, the Department of Homeland Security must continue to accept renewal applications from the roughly 700,000 young people who are currently enrolled in the program, known as DACA. The administration had intended to shut the program down by March 5, but that deadline is now largely meaningless. We need to keep fighting for Dreamers and TPS by making sure that Members of Congress get a DACA fix that is consistent with our values and that doesn’t require Dreamers to sacrifice their parents and other immigrants in the process.

Don't Let El Presidente Gut Snap (AKA Food Stamps) !

Rally to Protect the Clean Power Plan Wednesday 2/28, 10:30 a.m. San Francisco City Hall

Attend Local EPA Listening Session to Oppose Rollback of the Clean Power Plan
Wednesday 2/28, 2 p.m. San Francisco
| Tell the EPA what you think about their plan to roll back the Clean Power Plan, one of Obama’s signature achievements. RSVP to Phyllis Rothman ( to attend with Indivisible Berkeley’s Science & Environment Team at 2 p.m. Listening session is open all day. For more information including the mandatory registration see our event page here.

Pack the Court on Wednesday 2/28, Noon | Show support for community members who have been detained and are in deportation proceedings. Your presence can show the judge that these immigrants have the support of the community and should be released on bond.

Coffee and 'Cards | Friday 3/2, 10 a.m. | Join your fellow East Bay postcardistas for coffee and postcard writing to Get Out The Vote.

Phone Bank To Fight Health Care Cuts! Saturday 3/3, 1 p.m.


Audit the Sheriff | Over the past 10 years, the Alameda County jail population has decreased by half—so why is the sheriff's budget increasing? Join the Ella Baker Center and our allies at the Justice Reinvestment Coalition, as we demand that the Board of Supervisors audit Sheriff Greg Ahern's department. Our County Supervisor in Berkeley is Keith Carson.

Members of Indivisible Berkeley, Indivisible East Bay and Citizens' Climate Lobby met with Rep. Barbara Lee's environmental staff on February 21 to talk about legislation to address climate change.

Q&A with Sen. Feinstein’s State Director | Friday March 9, 12:30 p.m. in Oakland, right behind the Fruitvale BART station. Hosted by Indivisible East Bay and the The Unity Council.

Comment to stop the EPA from withdrawing the Clean Power Plan.


Canvassing in CA-10! | Please come canvass with us on the second or third Saturday of every month. Join us in March in Tracy on Saturday 3/10 or back in Patterson on Saturday 3/17.

Protecting Mueller from being dismissed is a top priority. If you have not done so already, urge our members of Congress to co-sponsor legislation to protect his position, and prepare to act immediately if he is fired. RSVP to stay in the loop.

Team Meetings | See teams page for details
Sunday 3/4, 7 p.m. Science & Environment
Wednesday 3/14, 7 p.m.  Racism & Criminal Justice Reform  
Sunday  3/25, 6:30 p.m.  Elections


I Was a Marine. I Don’t Want a Gun in My Classroom.
Anthony Swofford, New York Times Feb. 24

The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery
Thom Hartman Raw Story July 10, 2016