Indivisible Berkeley teams are semi-autonomous groups organized around specific issues such as healthcare, elections, or criminal justice reform. Team members plan events and actions which are open to the entire Indivisible Berkeley community. Any community member is welcome to attend a team event or action. All of the team’s contact information is on the corresponding team page. (Note: not all teams have their own page yet. Our volunteers are busy but we’re working on it!) To join a team, do one of these three things:

  1. Subscribe to the team mailing list and/or Slack channel to see what the team is working on right now

  2. Email the team leaders using at to find out how you can help

  3. RSVP to and show up at a team event or team meeting to begin helping out right away!

Explore our teams!

Issue Teams

We are organizing into teams that will lead the effort to research and plan actions around specific issues that we are passionate about. Email us to learn more about a team!

To join a team, send a blank email to the address in the Sign Up link.

Want to start a new team? Email or pitch your idea in the Facebook Group and on the IB Slack! (details below)

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Internal Teams

We also have internal teams that keep the organization running smoothly. Email us for learn more about a team!

To join a team, send a blank email to the address in the Sign Up link.

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Our Tools


Amplify is the Indivisible app, delivering Indivisible Berkeley actions and events right to your phone. Learn more and sign up!


Our teams are using Slack, a messaging tool with customizable channels to keep things organized. Learn more, join our Slack group, and check out our how-to video tutorial.

Learn More About The Teams

We focus on two main areas. The first is building campaigning capacity: canvassing, voter registration, phone banking, focusing on swing districts. The second is direct action on issue areas: Supreme Court appointment(s), voter suppression, redistricting reform, campaign finance reform, corruption & ethics in government.

Economic Justice
Working to bring social responsibility and ethical practices to economic issues. We are currently focusing on divestment from Wells Fargo and the other 16 financial institutions that support the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, etc.

Our current focus is supporting public education systems that serve the needs of all students at pre-K through post-secondary levels.

First Amendment
We are committed to defending the protections guaranteed under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, including resisting the establishment of religion and supporting the rights to free exercise of religion, to free speech, to a free and independent press, to peaceful assembly and to petition for redress of grievances. We will take nonviolent action in defense of such freedoms. We will strive to empower people to know and assert their constitutional rights. We will also work to educate about issues and propaganda strategies that threaten full and free expression or undermine the strength of a knowledgeable electorate.

Arts & Media
Defense of the arts: stop the defunding of the NEA and CPB!

ACA defense, single payer/medicare for all, mental health care, equitable access for marginalized groups, veteran’s issues, gun safety.

Immigration policy, sanctuary, Know Your Rights.

Racism & Criminal Justice Reform
Working with local groups on Civil Rights issues, Reforming the Criminal Justice System and getting money out of jails and into communities.

Science & Environment
Focus on climate change, science education & science denial, public lands, clear air, clean water, and energy. | # Internal Teams

Big Ideas & Research
Provides a space for big ideas that are out of the box to be discussed, supported, and piloted. We test new direct-action tactics which might be replicable and seek creative messaging opportunities.

Communications & Social Media
Master the flow of information on Action Network and social media platforms, and amplify the work of external teams to focus the energy of the large group

Provide trainings that equip members of the resistance to act more efficiently and effectively. These range from very general, “Introduction to Activism,” to specific, “How to talk to Trump voters.”