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Please join our team in taking action to protect our environment and stand up for science!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to resist the agenda of the Trump administration and promote an agenda that protects the environment and the role of science in society by affecting change through the political system at all levels of government. We care about all aspects of the environment and science, including but not limited to climate change, pollution, science denial, endangered species, and public lands.

Our group focuses on actions. We meet, discuss, conduct research, and inform each other always with the aim of coordinating and taking actions that will have maximum impact. Members can influence the focus of our group by taking the initiative to organize actions affecting topics they care about. We believe that actions taken collectively are far more impactful than actions taken individually, and so we believe in a deliberate and efficient process for acting as a group. We maximize our impact by providing clear directions for action to all members of our group and to all Indivisible Berkeley members.

Team Information

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TAKE ACTION: Stop the Destruction of Environmental Protections - Add Your Comment by May 15

Background Information

The EPA is asking for public comments on its proposed rule to repeal, replace, or modify environmental protections “to alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens.” This could apply to any existing EPA regulations, even though they were carefully crafted to reduce health and economic burdens on the American people and the environment, taking into account existing scientific data.

The public comment period is open until May 15. Law requires federal agencies such as the EPA to read and take into account your comment before they can change their rules.

Note that EPA’s “Tips for Effective Comments” emphasizes (1) that one well-supported comment is often more informative than a thousand form letters, (but if this all you can do, do it!); (2) not attacking persons, the Agency or using profanity or personal threats; (3) using sound reasoning, scientific evidence, and/or describing how you will be impacted; and (4) providing technical information and/or data when possible.

  • Option 1: Review this document and craft your own impactful comment. We will be updating that document to provide as much reference information as possible for your comments. For example, the request for comments references job loss, costs that exceed benefits, and limiting use of scientific data. That document will help you address these issues.

  • Option 2: If you have limited time, we have included below a script for you to modify with your own personal story, as well as an example personal story for inspiration.



I oppose any arbitrary efforts to remove common-sense environmental protections. I support the protection of my body and my environment that the EPA provides in the form of regulations.

EPA regulations are based on sound science and protect humans and the environment. Any changes to regulations must address the degree to which the changes will increase adverse outcomes for humans and the environment (e.g., habitat destruction and increased numbers of cancers and other illnesses).

Environmental protections do not harm our economy. From 1990 - 2012, pollution was greatly reduced, while the GDP doubled. The EPA itself estimates that the regulatory benefits of the Clean Air Act exceeds its costs by a ratio of 25 to 1. Any proposed elimination of protections must address the health impact to workers in increased healthcare costs and lives lost.

Furthermore, the request for comments does not list and provide reference information on the set of regulations covered by the request. It should be re-issued including that list of potentially affected regulations with an extended deadline so that the public can provide informed comments.

I am personally worried about the repeal, replacement, or modification of environmental protections because [INSERT YOUR PERSONAL STORY ABOUT HOW CLEAN WATER AND AIR IMPACT YOUR LIFE].

Thank you


Example personal story

I am personally worried about the repeal, replacement, or modification of environmental protections because these protections are critical to my and my family’s wellbeing.

I have a family member with asthma, which is caused and aggravated by pollutants. He is one of many who suffer with asthma and are at risk of dying because of it. I do not want air protections eliminated.

I was raised in Los Angeles and remember when the air was so thick with smog it looked like nighttime. It is better now because of EPA air regulations. I do not want the regulation of air pollutants to be weakened or eliminated.

As a youth I ate fish I caught in lakes in the Sierra-Nevada mountain range. Now those fish are shown to have toxic pollutants in them. Our most pristine natural areas must not be further eroded by eliminating the protections that reduce the sources of pollution.

TAKE ACTION: Call the White House about the Paris Climate Agreement

Contact Information

  • White House Switchboard: (202) 456-1414
  • Note: Stay on the line after the end of the recorded message to speak to a real live operator.


Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm from [CITY, ZIP].

Pulling out of the Paris agreement would be a historic mistake. I support common-sense global solutions to climate change.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Background Information

The Trump administration is reportedly meeting this week--as early as Tuesday--to decide whether to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

But senior aides at the White House are reportedly still divided on whether to withdraw from the 195-nation deal to reduce greenhouse gases and fight climate change.

TAKE ACTION: Thank EPA's San Francisco Employees

Please send a note of thanks and support to EPA's San Francisco employees. If you have a personal story of how EPA has helped you, include that in your card. This is a tough time for these career public servants, and it would be great to let them know how much we support them.

Send cards to this address:

Employees of EPA Region 9 (ORA)
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

TAKE ACTION: Save Environmental, Food and Drug Protections

Contact Information

  • Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs: (202) 224-4751 or email
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707, (310) 914-7300, (202) 224-3841, or email
  • Senator Kamala Harris: (415) 355-9041, (213) 894-5000, (202) 224-3553, or email
  • or find your senator


Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP].

I'm in opposition to three bills currently before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: S. 21 - the REINS act, S. 34 - the Midnight Rules Relief Act, and H.R.5 - the Regulatory Accountability Act.

These bills endanger the public. Regulations provide protections from poisons, pollutants, and disease-causing elements in our water, air, and food. Removing those regulations removes protections for me, my family, and my community — which is YOUR community too.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to vote against these bills.

Thank you for your time and attention.

[If leaving a voicemail, leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Background Information

Federal agencies such as the EPA and the FDA exist to protect the public from harm, largely from corporations that put poisons, pollutants, and disease-causing elements into our water, air, food, and drugs. Those protections are carried out via rules and regulations.

S. 21 (the REINS act), S. 34 (the Midnight Rules Relief Act), and H.R. 5 (the Regulatory Accountability Act) have all three passed the house and are currently under consideration by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

The REINS Act puts politics ahead of protection, giving Congress the ability to cancel out science-based regulations that have satisfied all regulatory requirements including public comment.

The Midnight Rules Relief Act would allow Congress to wipe away successful environmental protections from the Obama administration.

The Regulatory Accountability Act would put tremendous burdens on and tie the hands of EPA and other regulatory agencies beyond the high bar they have now.


Contact Information

  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: (202) 564-4700 or


Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a citizen from [CITY, ZIP].

I am very concerned about the proposed cuts to many critical EPA programs. I think Mr. Pruitt should protect the EPA's budget so it can do its job to protect Americans. I think he should keep the Clean Water Rule and the Clean Power Plan to protect our resources and our future. EPA regulations benefit the public and are good for the economy in the long term.

Thank you for your time and attention.

[If leaving a voicemail, leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Background Information

The Trump Administration released its proposed federal budget for the 2018 fiscal year. The budget proposed cutting the EPA budget by 31 percent, more than any other agency. Among the many things that would receive no more funding under this proposal are the EPA’s San Francisco Bay Program, the Clean Power Plan, the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay restoration programs, the Energy Star program, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

Attacks on Environmental Regulations

Please see our Overview on Environmental Regulations for a summary of what's under attack!