Indivisible Berkeley Finance Team

Indivisible Berkeley is now accepting applications for those interested in joining our finance team.  Applicants must have the relevant background, skills, and judgment for the position, and will be reviewed by a panel of Steering Team members.


Financial management:

  • Creating a system for budgeting, money handling, and business transactions in keeping with best practices of the field, to be done in consultation with Steering Team
  • Implement and manage this system with oversight by Steering Team or its designee
  • Count money as it comes in and goes out
  • Manage cash flow to pay bill when due, never late
  • Keep timely, accurate, clear records.  Including but not limited to the following:
    • Recording unique transaction descriptions for each transaction
    • Tracking income by source
    • Tracking expenditure by type


  • Reporting to Steering Team 2 days prior to a scheduled Steering Team meeting
  • Being available via phone for questions that may arise during Steering Team meetings (1 hour window)
  • Preparing a brief verbal report at the General Assembly and Team Leads meetings


To Apply

The first round of applications will be reviewed starting March 27.

Interviews will be scheduled from March 27-April 3, with a team to be finalized on April 3.

Please email this application to