IB Picnic in Civic Center Park

  • Civic Center Park 1901-1999 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94704

Let's celebrate our Independence and freedoms on Saturday, July 1st!

Friends, families, and communities... all are welcome!

Bring a blanket and a picnic lunch to Civic Center Park (aka Provo Park and Peace Wall Park!)

  • Bring your flags and your red, white, and blue!
  • Musicians and their instruments enocouraged!
  • Bill of Rights reading
  • Bring your civic pride and banners

As Berkeley citizens, we embrace non-violent, free expression in our parks, including and especially our historic Civic Center Park. The recent protests in the park have tarnished the park's meaning for many. Let's show positive, patriotic use of the park in a way that is consistent with Berkeley values, while we have some fun!

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