Josh Kornbluth "Citizen Josh"

  • Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists 1924 Cedar Street Berkeley, CA, 94709 United States

A radical conservative has just been elected to the U.S. presidency, confounding polls and expectations -- and now Josh is struggling against his strong desire to curl up in a ball for four years.  Sound familiar?  Well, this particular story takes place just after George W. Bush has defeated John Kerry -- but it could apply to ... other times as well.  How does a profoundly passive citizen become an activist?  In Josh's case, becoming a parent sure helps -- and when plans to refurbish the neighborhood playground (in Ohlone Park) threaten to be scuttled by neighborly conflict, a reluctant activist is born. Citizen Josh, a comic monologue, traces events from Princeton, NJ, to Berkeley, from present-day Berkeley back to Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957.  It is also about one man's brave quest to submit his undergraduate senior thesis -- only 25 years late.  It's about climate change, too.  Citizen Josh is a raucous comedy about learning to participate in our democracy (and also windmills).

Doors open at 7 PM, event begins at 8 PM.

Please bring drinks and refreshments to share. 

Suggested Donation: $25 - Purchase Ticket