How to Talk to Trump Supporters

  • REALM Middle School 2023 Eighth Street Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States

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Do you feel scared, overwhelmed or outraged when you see the threats we are facing to the very essence of our democracy? How can we engage in productive, respectful dialogue with people who don’t see the danger or are invested in taking away the rights of others? It’s hard not to feel superior and try to convince people who support Trump and our current Congress, but this common approach is likely to further alienate them.

In a fast-paced day with Sharon Strand Ellison, creator of the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication process, you can learn how to prompt others to drop their defenses and voluntarily shift their positions.


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We'll begin with an overview of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication and why our habitual communication styles backfire, followed by coaching on how to ask curiosity questions and how to assert our beliefs without coming across as aggressive, arrogant or morally superior. We will break into small groups for role-playing the skills we're learning. We'll also watch a video of an interaction between anti-fracking activists and a racist man that went badly awry and break down what could have been done differently in that situation. Sharon Ellison's workshops are highly engaging and enjoyable, and the day will be over before you know it (and you'll wish it could go on all night, seriously).

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