Nonviolence for Event Monitors

  • Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists 1606 Bonita Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94709 United States

On Saturday, March 18 from 1-4 PM, David Harsough will lead a training on nonviolence and peacekeeping at the Berkeley Unitarian Universalists Fellowship.  Nonviolence is one of Indivisible Berkeley's core values, but unfortunately whenever we take direct action, we run the risk of encountering violence.  Nonviolence Monitors (peacekeepers) are important members of any Indivisible Berkeley direct action who are specially trained in de-escalation and provide a safety buffer between the Indivisible members and potential antagonists.

These monitors serve five functions:
1. Set a positive, nonviolent tone for the action
2. Act as a communication interface, for example engaging with the police
3. Provide emergency medical and legal aid
4. Maintain a disciplined action, for example preventing members from engaging in violence
5. Act as mediators between Indivisible Berkeley and other groups

The training will include:

1. An introduction to peacekeeping: theoretical bases and practical examples
2. Team building
3. Role playing, hassle lines, quick decision-making and conflict mediation

If you are interested in becoming a nonviolence monitor of Indivisible Berkeley or have any questions, please contact Bob Burnett through or bobwburnett on Slack.

David Hartsough is one of the Bay Area's leading nonviolence trainers and has led peacekeeping teams throughout the world, including Iran, Kosovo, Nicaragua, Palestine, and Russia.  He is the author of Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist.