Introducing Indivisible Berkeley Book Club!

Register to meet the author of our first book, Les Leopold, in Berkeley on May 19th! (admission is free but registration is required!) Details below.

The new Book Club team is excited to introduce Indivisible Berkeley (and friends) to books that will inspire us all to continue our efforts. Our books will include information about what got us into our current political crisis, tales and tools from organizers, and other books that the group believes will help us become more successful activists.

We will alternate longer books with shorter articles, and will throw in the occasional light-hearted piece to make sure we’re having fun. When possible, we will invite authors to speak about their books. You are welcome to attend even if you didn't get a chance to read the book.

Have a book you think we all should read? Let us know either on Slack (#bookclub channel) or by email (join our email list by emailing We’ll discuss which books to read in the #bookclub Slack channel.

First book: Runaway Inequality by Les Leopold

(4.5 stars on both GoodReads and Amazon)


“Runaway Inequality doesn’t just explain where the U.S. economy went wrong; it also explains how American citizens can organize to get it back on track.”

From Amazon:

“Using easy-to-understand charts and graphs, Runaway Inequality explains the process by which corporation after corporation falls victim to systematic wealth extraction by banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds. It reveals how financial strip-mining puts enormous downward pressure on jobs, wages, benefits, and working conditions, while boosting the incomes of financial elites.

But Runaway Inequality does more than make sense of our economic plight. It also shows why virtually all the key issues that we face―from climate change to the exploding prison population―are intimately connected to rising economic inequality. Most importantly, Runaway Inequality calls upon us to build a common movement to tackle the sources of increasing income and wealth inequality. As the author makes clear, the problem will not cure itself. It will take enormous energy and dedication to bring economic justice and fairness back to American society.”

Runaway Inequality is available in Kindle or paperback format at Amazon

Vanessa (@vwarheit on Slack) also has copies for sale for $10. She will bring some to the May 14 GA meeting.

About the author:

Les Leopold is co-founder and executive director of the New York-based Labor Institute. He is currently creating an economic educational train-the-trainer program, in collaboration with unions and community groups, to build a national movement to reverse runaway inequality. All proceeds from his current book go back into this campaign.

Meet Les Leopold in person!

Indivisible Berkeley and The Incorruptibles are co-sponsoring a Northern California speaking tour for Les Leopold later this month. Join Les in Berkeley (May 19th) or in Alameda (May 20th), for an interactive workshop on how to build a cross-movement alliance (labor, environment, Black Lives Matter, healthcare for all, immigration reform etc). Runaway inequality links us all together, so let’s build a movement to reverse it! This event is free, but registration is required.

Register for the Berkeley event here (admission is free but registration is required!)

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