Introducing Amplify: The Indivisible App

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.46.12 AM.png

We live in the Bay Area, and because of this we can't always be there on the front lines of the resistance, canvassing and registering voters in places where seats are in contention.  But one thing we do have here that sets us apart is a wealth of talent and energy, especially in the tech sector.  Realizing this, the gurus at Indivisible San Francisco have developed an app specifically for Indivisible groups, to help them organize and track participation.

Called Amplify, the app allows you to join or start a local team, where you can view that team's calls to action and see what other members are doing.  Like a FitBit for activism, Amplify lets you see the actions your team has set up, track how many you've done that week, and cheer on your fellow members as they complete their weekly actions as well.  With a simple and intuitive interface that lets you check off which actions you complete from the list, Amplify takes the hassle out of reading each email and Facebook post trying to figure out which actions you're willing and able to take.  Instead, everything IB team members have scheduled is laid out on the screen, and with the ability to see what your friends are doing, you can coordinate your efforts to be most effective.

Amplify was born here in the Bay Area, but is already in use by Indivisible groups across the country.  Join IB Amplify to get started!