Put Pressure on Trump’s Economic Advisory Board


Call, email or tweet the contacts below to tell Trump’s Economic Advisory Board to quit in protest over his exiting the Paris Climate Agreement. Thank Elon Musk and Disney’s CEO Bob Iger for having already stepped down.

I am deeply distressed to see your company still on Trump’s Economic Advisory board after his refusal to honor the Paris Agreement. Seventy-one percent of Americans support the Agreement, and we are glad to see Elon Musk and Disney step down in protest. I urge you to also be a good corporate citizen and step down immediately. Thank you.

Musk and Iger: Thank you for taking an honorable and conscientious stand in stepping down from Trump’s Economic Advisory Board.


Elon Musk (Tesla) and Bob Iger (DIsney) quit Trump’s advisory board as a result of Trump’s decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement. See further details in Rogan’s List, and Jessica Craven’s Daily Action, which along with Indivisible are part of the Action Alliance. This link describes the other Board members:


  • Mr. Elon Musk, Tesla Headquarters, 3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304
  • Mr. Robert Iger, Walt Disney Company, 500 S Buena Vista St, Burbank, CA 91521.

Ask the following to step down

  • Pepsico
    • call 800-433-2652 hit 0
    • email indra.nooyi@pepsico.com
    • tweet @PepsiCo
  • Walmart
    • call 800-925-6278
    • call their ethics department at 800-963-8442 (press 3)
    • email doug.mcmillon@wal-mart.com
    • tweet @Walmart
  • GE
    • call 203-373-2211
    • email jeff.immelt@ge.com
    • tweet .@generalelectric
  • Dell
    • call 800-624-9897
    • email michael@dell.com
    • tweet @dell
  • GM
    • email Mary.barra@gm.com
    • tweet @GM
  • JPMorganChase
    • call 212-270-7042
    • email jamie.dimon@jpmchase.com
    • tweet @jpmorgan
  • Intel
    • email Brian.Krzanich@intel.com
    • tweet: @intel
  • IBM
    • call 914-499-1900
    • email grometty@us.ibm.com
    • tweet @IBM

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