Call friends living in red districts

Tell your friends in red districts to call their Congressperson TODAY and oppose the AHCA!

Here's the list of targets:

  1. If the "target" is already voting NO, thank them and ask them to urge their fellow GOP members to also oppose the terrible repeal plan
  2. If they are UNDECIDED, implore them to oppose the bill. The new high risk pool funding is NOT enough. See the analysis by Center for American Progress here:

Text Democrats in CA-10

Click here to sign up for Organizing for Action's (OFA) mass-text program. (You send out the texts from an app that hides your personal phone number.) Download the Hustle app and get busy texting your fellow Democrats to save this important piece of legislation!

Brief steps on how to do it:

  1. Download the Hustle app to your smartphone, or use on your computer. You'll need the action code that you were texted when you signed up. Let us know if you need another! If you're getting an error that says you need Chrome, try logging in using the Chrome browser on your phone or computer, or just text us for help.
  2. Send, send, send! Scripts are pre-written and your number is masked.
  3. Send responses when people text you back.